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Where the idea of Traveling Munchkin started


Our Story

Traveling Munchkin Baby Gear Rental

Hi There!

I'm Samantha, a travel enthusiast mama of 2 with an obsession for strollers and baby gears. I combined my three passions in life to form the idea of Traveling Munchkin: My little ones, traveling and of course, strollers!

Traveling Munchkin originally came from my husband and I being totally overwhelmed and outraged with the amount of stuff that our little one needed whenever we traveled.  When we traveled with my sister and her kids, it totaled four kids and all of their belongings.  The amount of equipment needed was just ridiculous! From endless amounts of car seats, travel cribs, strollers & booster chairs,  but, we needed it.

            I started brainstorming about a more convenient and easier way to travel with babies and soon, Traveling Munchkin started to form into its own baby rental equipment that it is today.  My goal became not only providing rental equipment for babies in Toronto, but in making sure that it created an online community for both hosts and traveling families to connect with each other and mutually benefit from the experience.  Now, it's grown into a wide-ranged baby equipment rental centre and is helping families like ours get the convenience that we longed for ourselves back in the day.  This helps us to complete the cycle and give other families a chance to travel stress-free.


This is the principle foundation that Traveling munchkin is based on: moms for moms; families helping families.

Traveling Munchkin Baby Gear Rental



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