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Will you be driving to your final destination with the whole family in a rental car? Are you thinking of bringing the car seat on the plane in order to provide a safe ride for your baby? Traveling Munchkin offers a more affordable option that still makes sure that your most precious cargo will be protected on your vacation. Once you land in Toronto, check out stroller or car seat rental on our easy app.


Avoid Exorbitant Airline Cargo Fees


Bringing your stroller or car seat on the plane can result in additional baggage fees that could break your budget. By using Traveling Munchkin, you connect with other families who no longer use their baby car seat or two-seat stroller. Your equipment stays at home, avoids getting damaged in flight, and you still enjoy all the conveniences you enjoy on a regular basis.


Rent What You Really Need for the Day or Weekend


Perhaps you will only need the extra big stroller for a single day of touring the shopping malls. Our stroller rental app lets you decide how long you will use the stroller, which means you control how much you spend. A car seat rental is also a great option for grandparents who are hosting their grandkids for a special visit and don't have the space to store extra baby gear.


Enjoy Every Traveling Opportunity


If you have ever turned down the chance to visit your family or friends in Canada because of the extra gear you need to bring for the baby, celebrate your freedom when you use the stroller rental Toronto has on tap. The excuses of too much luggage or having to buy an extra car seat for the trip all vanish when you are smart and connect with the car seat rental options in Toronto such as Traveling Munchkin.