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Baby Gear Rental

A Canadian Peer-to-Peer Marketplace For Baby Gear Rental

Rent all your baby equipment from local families in the GTA

Rental Equipment For Babies In Toronto

Available Rental Equipment for Babies in Toronto, ON

Are you in town for the weekend or just the day and want to spend time touring the park or zoo with your little one? Take the struggle out of juggling your baby and all their bags and bottles by hiring rental equipment for babies in Toronto, CA. Just sign in to Traveling Munchkin, scroll through the available equipment, click, pick up, and enjoy!


Locate and Rent a Baby Stroller for Your Vacation


With increasing restrictions on many air carriers, it can be expensive or a struggle to bring your baby seat and stroller with you on vacation. Leave all that bulky stuff at home and rent what you need when you arrive using our easy app. It will find the right baby equipment rental near me and connect you with the family offering it up for your use. Schedule your pick up and save big.


Cater to Your Visitor's Needs on a Budget


Perhaps your grandchildren are visiting for the first time and it has been years since you had any baby stuff in your home. Where do you get a high chair, play pen, and stroller without causing some serious damage to your wallet? With Traveling Munchkin, you can rent the crib for the week or two that they are in town and return your home to sanity after they leave. Your adult child will thank you for taking care of the family while also watching your bottom line.


Free Up Your Storage and Buy Less


It might be tempting to just buy everything you need for them, so it is there next time. But babies grow fast and the crib may not fit them next year on their next visit. Use your baby equipment rental near me and keep your closets empty of baby gear that will just get used once and then take up space.

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