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Baby Gear Rental

Why Rent From Traveling Munchkin?

Traveling Light, Traveling Right

Stress-free Family Travels Made Possible

When it comes to renting baby equipment, Traveling Munchkin has got you covered! Traveling Munchkin is unique in its' service by offering a wide variety of baby gear brands with affordability, convenience and quality in mind.






It's convenient

One of the biggest perk of using travel equipment rental for babies is that you can get relevant equipment for your baby and you won't be stuck packing half of your house with your own gear!  With Traveling Munchkin, simply rent the equipment you need from real families, then give it back when you're done.  Best of all, most Hosts will offer variety of options on where and when you'd like the items delivered to; whether it be at the airport or at your Airbnb / Hotel. Doesn't get much simpler than that!


It's affordable

To make sure it works for you, local baby gear rental is also affordable so that you aren't stuck paying astronomical prices for equipment that you may already have at home.  Traveling Munchkin's goal is to help your travel plans, not make them more costly.  So, affordable baby equipment rental is where we focus our efforts to best suit you and your vacation. The prices start as low as $5!


 variety of brands to choose from

Variety is the spice of life, so Traveling Munchkin offers a variety of brands based on what our local families have available.  This gives you the option to choose the brands you trust and are familiar with as well as the option to test out new products that you're curious about. Don't have what you want?  Contact us and we'll do our best to find what you need.


verified for quality

When it comes to babies, safety and quality are our top priority. At Traveling Munchkin, our team will go out and inspect the products offered by the sellers to ensure products are safe to use and meet our policy standard requirements. Each product is checked before being approved for posting. In addition, Traveling Munchkin is kept up-to-date on all items that have been recalled and removes them from our marketplace. Saftey first!

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