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Income For Stay At Home Moms Toronto

Easy Extra Income for Stay at Home Moms in Toronto

Did your baby just grow out of their first stroller and car seat? Would you like a little extra cash to buy the next piece of needed baby gear? Traveling Munchkin is the peer-to-peer app that connects parents with outgrown baby equipment with traveling families who could use a stroller for the day or week. You earn a few dollars, and they save big on shipping or the expense of buying a new item to use just for their vacation.


Earn Back a Few Dollars and Rent Out Your Stroller, Cribs, and Car Seats


Instead of sending your baby gear into cold storage, sign up for this side gig for parents in Toronto. While you are waiting a few years before welcoming another tiny person into your home, you can earn some money renting out equipment that would just be gathering dust. Car seats, bumper seats, pop-up play pens, strollers, mobile changing stations--if it is in your closet, it can be making money.


You Control the Entire Transaction


On Traveling Munchkin, you decide when your baby gear is available for rental, where it can be picked up, and even how much to charge. If you are not available to complete a transaction, you just decline the offer. It is the perfect way to generate income for stay at home moms in Toronto. If you need your stroller for the summer, simply remove it from the app.


Support Other Parents in the Eternal Struggle with Baby Gear


How often did you regret the necessity of spending more money on a baby item that would be used once, twice, or just for a single season? Did you avoid taking vacations because it would mean bringing along too much stuff? Traveling Munchkin not only is a great side gig for parents who live in Toronto, it provides support for any parent looking for a better way to explore with their growing family. Sign up today!