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Baby Equipment Rental Toronto

Make Easy Cash Using Our Airbnb Model for Baby Gear

Have you ever wished you could monetize all the gently used baby equipment that is now stored in your attic? Traveling Munchkin offers up our Airbnb model for baby gear in Canada that can help you connect with other families who need your car seat, crib, or stroller and helps you make a few extra dollars on the side. Our app serves as an easy baby equipment rental Toronto offers for parents on the move and on a budget.


Families On Vacation Rent the Equipment They Need


Traveling Munchkin allows a parent who flies into the area with a baby the opportunity to locate the car seat or stroller they may need for a few days while they visit. Affordable rates and the sharing economy create an attractive option compared to buying a seat just for the week, spending too much on luggage fees, or asking relatives to store bulky equipment.


Bring in Extra Income Using What They Outgrew


What happens to that great stroller when your child no longer needs it? It fights for space in the garage or closet until your next child comes along or you send it to the landfill. What if all that baby gear actually helped to put a little extra away in the college fund or buy a new bicycle for their birthday? Our Airbnb model for baby gear helps you create a side income and build a better life for your family.


Easy to Sign Up and Start Renting


It only takes a few minutes to create an account with Traveling Munchkin. Once we approve your application, you take a picture of the baby gear, post it, set its availability, and wait for bookings to roll in. Join us and become part of the success of our baby equipment rental in Toronto today.