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Become a Host on Traveling Munchkin

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Become a Host

We understand that deciding whether or not to host your baby items on Traveling Munchkin is a big decision that you aren't going to take lightly.  After all, you'd be renting out your personal equipment, so you need to know what you're getting into.  Here's what you should know about its perks.

The Host Benefit

Extra Money

One of the best things about hosting rental equipment for babies in Toronto through Traveling Munchkin is that you can earn a significant amount of pocket money just from having and lending the equipment out as it is needed.  It is free to list your gear and you keep up 80% of the transaction fee, and you'll be able to help those who are in need of it while visiting.  Just think about the fact that your equipment is just sitting there, not being used.  May as well make some money off of it, right?  From at-home parents to working parents, this is a great money-making option for your equipment.

Engage your Entrepreneurial Skills

With Traveling Munchkin, you're your own boss. You decide on equipment availability, the price, and even how the products gets delivered. You can be in charge of it all on your own schedule, and no need to invest in products, as chances are, you already have it all! Whether you're waiting to have more kids, saving the gear for other friends/family members or have spare ones at grandparent's house, why not take this opportunity to rent it out?

Community Support




We are committed to helping our Host families, so we offer tips and support as well as access to an online community that is all about helping you succeed with Traveling Munchkin.  We are also currently in the process of acquiring insurance coverage for our host equipment, too, to give you peace of mind. Stay tuned!

Hosting in 3 Steps



All Hosts who sign up are interviewed. Once approved, our team helps create your profile and list your products for you.

Once your listing is live, qualified guests can reach out. You can message them with any questions before their stay.

Sign Up

Welcome Your First Guests


Decide How To Host

Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for guests. We’re there to help along the way.

Sign Up To Become A Host!

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